BYL Application

Thank you for your interest in the program!

The Bossier Youth Leadership program is a partnership between the Bossier Chamber of Commerce and Bossier Parish Schools.  Our goal is to grow the future leaders of our community by exposing high school juniors to various aspects of our community.  We hope to select students who have a genuine interest in our community, including those already serving as leaders, as well as those who might consider positions of leadership in the future.  Your applications will be read and scored (blind) by members of the business community, as well as representatives from Bossier Parish Schools.  You will be contacted by mail by May 15 after the BYL Class of 2017-18 has been selected.

Click here to see the Application Rubric so you know how applications are scored.

Student/Parent Commitment Form can be found at the bottom of this page.

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2017 BYL StudentParent Commitment form